Tuesday, August 23, 2011


After an extremely long 23 day hiatus, a really long one at that! I have finally come back to I suppose the "blogging world." As of late, I moved from my eclectic Fremont home to NE Seattle in a cozy two bedroom apartment with my more than phenomenal boyfriend. I truly couldn't be more happier. We're slowly and I mean slowly putting things away and up and settling in. It doesn't help that he works and I've contracted the flu, more like the bubonic plague that or we are both sort of the lazy beans. Really lazy beans

So far some goals are to do one adventure per week, and to have my little guy Ziggy around more. Also, listen to soothing tunes and create things out of my hands more. This is a must! Hopefully I'll be cured after tomorrow's doctor appointment, so that I can be more entertaining. Yeah, we'll see

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