Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall has arrived! Thank goodness! Even though that majority of Fall has been sunny and hott! Don't forget disgustingly muggy But today Fall really showed us all here in Seattle more like, just in North Seattle that it was really here by having a little wind storm and knocking out our power. I didn't mind at all, maybe a little but I had an opportunity to take the time to work. Until crochet stitches moved together in a wave of anger. Recently though, which will be a whole other blog post, My grandmother came up to visit. It was a lovely visit for the short time she stayed and the short time I was able to be healthy enough around her We went to the zoo, where I stalked a smashingly good-looking fella as if we were in a wildlife safari and she took me out to one of my favorite dining experiences for my birthday. Good God, I love Brazillian food!

As for fall, I'm glad you're here, just for the layer wearther and I simply cannot wait for October! Portland, my birthday, Keith's birthday, my dad and brother visit, and last but not least but really, it's the last day of October HALLOWEEN! Keith and I spent the day shopping for Halloween decorations and I'm really stoked on it being spookingly spectacular! Although we both plan on not being home on Halloween, we are the type of people who would spend everyday as if it were Halloween, and quite frankly, I'm happy with that. A little too happy..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

As of lately, I have been stricken with an even more complex form of the "the plague" which has had me shackled to my home. More or less I'm found laying around on the couch or my bed in underwear that should only be worn by a four year old. Still, I have managed to do some things in spite of my recent ailments. One of my best friends birthday have past, Ziggy has come to visit more often, I've sat and watched a sneak preview of fall outside my patio, still continuing to nest in our new condo, and last night, Keith surprised me with dinner by bringing me my best friend Lara. whatta guy!

Soon I'll be well and ready to fight monsters! Keep dreamin` Lauren Or at least, to update more frequently.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


After an extremely long 23 day hiatus, a really long one at that! I have finally come back to I suppose the "blogging world." As of late, I moved from my eclectic Fremont home to NE Seattle in a cozy two bedroom apartment with my more than phenomenal boyfriend. I truly couldn't be more happier. We're slowly and I mean slowly putting things away and up and settling in. It doesn't help that he works and I've contracted the flu, more like the bubonic plague that or we are both sort of the lazy beans. Really lazy beans

So far some goals are to do one adventure per week, and to have my little guy Ziggy around more. Also, listen to soothing tunes and create things out of my hands more. This is a must! Hopefully I'll be cured after tomorrow's doctor appointment, so that I can be more entertaining. Yeah, we'll see

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So this is where is all begins: The origin.

It all starts out with a stork pelican space pelican. He flies using the dark energy and electromagnetic radiation to pull him in directions in which he desires. He is on a mission, a mission to bring one child space-baby to a planet called Earth. It should be raised without knowing her true origin in life, and to end up creating an absurd story just as this one. He approaches the Eagle Nebula and soars through to the Pillars of Creation. I'm really not okay with this pelican not having a name. I'll name him Bunny. Bunny takes the one chosen space-baby and puts her into his throat pouch. Is there really no other name for that? No? Okay. Little did the space baby know, that her journey was not going to be a simple one.

After flying through the celestial body of Outer Space, Bunny and Space-Baby make their way through the Milky Way to find the Solar System. They should really rename that. After a dusty battle with the rings of Saturn and the bumpy road through the meteor belt, they find Earth. Bunny says his final goodbye to Space-Baby by regurgitating her into a cooler into the ocean. So alone in the Pacific Ocean, Space-Baby floats and dances along the waves in a cooler three sizes too big. I don't know why size is relevant. Before the loneliness sets in Club Cooler, a large tentacled being wraps the tip of his arm around the cooler and travels with Space-Baby in Club Cooler, which is like a personal boombox through all of the oceans of Earth to find the perfect set of parents to drop the Space-Baby off to.

22 years later, Space-Baby is now renamed to Lauren Elyse, and spending the beginning of her early childhood in a Boombox Cooler, she is now a 24/7 dance party with an obsession with Octopi, and likes watching pelican regurgitate. It's like taboo porn.

I give you this blog. Just a generic daily works of daily life. Possible crazy stories and possible sweet little things. This is a place for me: to write, to remember.