Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall has arrived! Thank goodness! Even though that majority of Fall has been sunny and hott! Don't forget disgustingly muggy But today Fall really showed us all here in Seattle more like, just in North Seattle that it was really here by having a little wind storm and knocking out our power. I didn't mind at all, maybe a little but I had an opportunity to take the time to work. Until crochet stitches moved together in a wave of anger. Recently though, which will be a whole other blog post, My grandmother came up to visit. It was a lovely visit for the short time she stayed and the short time I was able to be healthy enough around her We went to the zoo, where I stalked a smashingly good-looking fella as if we were in a wildlife safari and she took me out to one of my favorite dining experiences for my birthday. Good God, I love Brazillian food!

As for fall, I'm glad you're here, just for the layer wearther and I simply cannot wait for October! Portland, my birthday, Keith's birthday, my dad and brother visit, and last but not least but really, it's the last day of October HALLOWEEN! Keith and I spent the day shopping for Halloween decorations and I'm really stoked on it being spookingly spectacular! Although we both plan on not being home on Halloween, we are the type of people who would spend everyday as if it were Halloween, and quite frankly, I'm happy with that. A little too happy..

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